Discover Our 5 Steps to Building a Beautiful New Home in Dartmouth, MA

If you are seriously considering a new home or addition, we are ready to help you from start to finish—planning, design, and construction. Here is a brief overview of Sam Karam & Sons’ process prior to construction:

  1. Consultation. Set up a consultation appointment for us to meet at your home or for you to come to our business, discuss your budget, and share your vision for your new home or addition. We will give you a price range for your project and will also quote you a price to begin the next phase of our process: working with our architects and engineers.
  2. Design & Engineering. Our architects visit the future construction site and formulate a more detailed plan of the build. In this stage, architects and engineers work together to sketch out plans, detail out the project budget, and meet your exact needs. We consult with you throughout this step of the process.
  3. Create and Finalize Blueprints. Our architects turn their sketches and your ideas into a working plan to begin building your new home or addition.
  4. Permitting. We obtain all the necessary permits to begin your project: city, building, electrical, plumbing, water, sewer, utilities, etc.
  5. Construction Begins. Your project will move forward with efficiency that only 40 years of experience can provide. All builds at Sam Karam & Sons are assigned a project manager or superintendent who keep expenses within budget and projects within their timeline.

We take great pride in our ability to keep projects within budget and on time.

Let’s get started. Give us a call and schedule a consultation.




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