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Has time erased the functionality and beauty of your home’s roof, gutters, or siding? Are you ready to replace doors or windows? Or, are you contemplating building the new residence your family will call home for many years ahead?

Whether you have a moderate renovation or bigger plans in mind, you’ve come to the right place. Sam Karam & Sons’ commitment to unparalleled service and quality has made our name synonymous with honesty, quality, and value for over 40 years.

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As a leading contractor in southern New England, Sam Karam & Sons goes above and beyond to provide exceptional value, quality, and customer service. You can always depend on the result to offer beauty, comfort, and luxury.

Call us today at 508-997-4746 to schedule a quote or consultation! We look forward to working with you!

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  • The rep from Sam Karam & Sons was super polite and professional. He also told us exactly what we needed and what we did not.

    They showed up when they said they would, finished in 2 days, were very neat and clean, and the roof looks great.

    Aimee B.
  • From the very beginning of my renovation project, I noticed something different about this company.

    If you are a consumer looking for quality work, a business with high standards, and exceptionally knowledgeable professionals, look no further than Sam Karam & Sons.

    Sonia C.
  • The roof on my home which was built in 2001 was in need of being replaced.

    I have worked in the building materials industry over 45 years and have dealt with many contractors.  Sam Karam & Sons stood out as one of the best in the field so when I was ready to replace the roof, the first contractor I thought to contact was Sam Karam & Sons.
    On the day the work was to begin, the crew arrived promptly at 7:30 and worked steadily throughout the day.  All of the crew was very polite and hard working.  At the end of the day, they left my yard so neat and clean that my wife remarked that it didn't even look like anyone had been there.  On the second day, the crew worked just as steadily and completed shingling my 46 square foot roof.
    Andre Karam stopped by the afternoon that the roof was completed and inspected the work and made sure that all yard debris had been picked up and that I was completely satisfied.
    Sam Karam & Sons did a great job and I would HIGHLY recommend them.  Their honesty and quality of work are impeccable.

    Thank you, Andre!

    - Ken


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