Finance Your Project

Your home improvement project is within your reach at Sam Karam & Sons. We have multiple financing plans available to help you with your roof replacement, build your new deck or sun room, or that addition you’ve always wanted.

* Flexible 7 / 10 / 15 Year Financing Options

* Interest accrues but no monthly payments are due during the promotional period. If the loan is not paid in full during the promotional period, then the interest accrued during the promotional period is capitalized, meaning added to the principal balance, and billed/repaid, with interest, over the life of the loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a soft credit inquiry sufficient to determine if I qualify for financing?
A: Yes. If an applicant is pre-approved through a soft credit pull, their approval for financing is good for 60 days.

Q: Will I see a hard inquiry on my credit report?
A: Yes. Once loan proceeds are disbursed, the lender will place a hard inquiry on the borrower’s credit file.


  • Homeowners can pre-qualify for financing with just a soft inquiry which will not impact their credit score.
  • The hard inquiry is deferred until a loan is approved and funds are disbursed.
  • Consumer credit scores are protected while homeowners are still in early decision-making stages.
  • Homeowners can submit all verifiable personal income for consideration.

Home Improvement Loans through the Mosaic platform are issued by WebBank, Equal Housing Lender