Two Signs You May Need A New Roof

Signs You Need A New Roof

  • Fading and patches on your roof
  • Blown off shingles
  • Algae or moss growth
  • Shingles with missing granules
  • Stains on ceiling
  • Leaks that can't be repaired
  • Sagging roof
  • Snow and ice damage
  • Clogged Gutters


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What would cause algae or mold growth to my roof?

A. Usually trees near homes with overhanging branches prevent sunlight exposure from drying up moisture.

Installation of low quality shingles will cause algae or mold over time.

Sam Karam and Sons offers the Certainteed roof shingles which all include streak fighter algae resistant copper, helping your roof maintain its curb appeal and look beautiful for years to come.

Q. What causes roof shingles to curl or crack?

A. Aging - At the end of the shingles life cycle they curl, deteriorate, and granules fall off

Ventilation - Attics need to have proper intake and outtake air flow and be well insulated to keep heat in the house

Quality - A good quality shingle relies on manufacturer warranty, the weight of the product and wind resistance.