Siding not only enhances Curb Appeal to homes its’ primary purpose is to protect the home with its foundation and everything within it. Your home is the most valuable asset and it pays to help protect it.
Here are some signs that your siding may need to be replaced:

  • Cracked or Loose
  • Blown off pieces of Siding
  • Fading or Peeling
  • Rotted or Warping
  • Melting
  • Holes
  • High Heating and Cooling bills

Did you know that vinyl siding has a 20 year minimal lifespan depending on which siding you choose as well as how well the siding is installed? Vinyl also comes with integral insulation and can be more energy efficient, lowering monthly utility expenses. No matter what type of vinyl siding you choose it can be costly upfront, but will last for a long time with very low maintenance and come with a lifetime limited warranty. Siding comes in many varieties of styles and colors so your options are pretty much endless. Fiber cement, vinyl siding, and Cedar Impressions are just a few to mention.

Many consumers ask “Why choose Vinyl Siding instead of Painting”?
Sam Karam & Sons says Vinyl Siding for the WIN!
As we mentioned above those are only some of the Pros of choosing Vinyl Siding.
Although painting may look beautiful on a home it does have its Cons…

  • Fading will occur within 5-8 years depending on brand of paint and the application
  • More Maintenance
  • Initially be cheaper but more costly than vinyl siding over the years

So again, why not choose Vinyl Siding that will last longer over time, with little or no maintenance and get a lifetime limited warranty?!